Ceramic tile showers are becoming more and more popular, for the most part because they are absolutely beautiful to behold and function very well. In fact those homeowners who have opted to upgrade their bathroom by having a ceramic tiled shower installed (or were lucky to enough to have inherited one) usually only have one complaint – that the tile grouting is very hard to keep clean.

That does not have to be the case though, and you do not actually need to spend a small fortune on expensive shower cleaning products either. There is in fact one simple trick to maintaining a sparkling clean ceramic tiled shower that is simpler than you may have ever imagined.

The key to maintaining a clean shower is that after each and every time it is is used it must be completely dried out. Some people choose to do this by using a window cleaning squeegee to pull the moisture off shower walls and down into the drain while others simply opt to keep a “shower drying” towel on hand at all times in the bathroom which can be used to dry off the shower before they dry off themselves.

This does add a few extra minutes to your daily shower time, but the effort will be well worth it. Not having to spend hours every month or so scrubbing at grimy grout with an old toothbrush to try and make the tile grout look even vaguely decent is worth that shower drying time for sure. And grimy grout is not the only problem homeowners might notice over time if their showers are allowed to stay wet. There are certain minerals in regular tap water that can eventually etch the surface of ceramic tiles and spoil there overall look.

Another way you can help your ceramic tile shower stay clean and attractive is by sealing the tiles and the tile grout on a regular (every 3-5 years) basis. Neither ceramic tile or the grout that holds them together are completely waterproof and left unsealed they will retain a certain amount of moisture every time the shower is used, leading not only to hard to shift grime but mold and mildew as well.

There are a great many different brands of tile sealers on the market, all of which fall into two general categories: latex or acrylic based or mineral based. Good quality versions of both kinds tend to work very well but many people prefer the latex/acrylic versions over the mineral ones because they emit less of a chemical smell as they are drying.

Sealing – or re-sealing – ceramic shower tiles and grout can be a messy business if you are not used to doing it on a regular basis. That is why it may be a good idea to find a good local tradesman to do it for you. It will only cost a few dollars more and the fact that they will be done in a matter of hours, rather than days, will be worth the small extra investment.