Whether you have a huge master bedroom suite or little more than a basic box chances are that you use your bedroom space for more than just sleeping, and while a darkened chamber may be conducive to slumber it is not much good for anything else. The right lighting in the bedroom can make or break the space both in terms of aesthetics and function yet it is the one aspect of bedroom décor that homeowners frequently fail to give much of a second thought to. Here are a few tips for lighting up your personal boudoir the right way:

Size Matters – As you design a new lighting scheme for your bedroom you have to remember that size really does matter. Most bedroom ceilings are not too much higher than nine feet so very tall lamps may not be the best idea as they may make the room look squatter than it really is. Sticking to a mixture of elegant wall lamps and scattered table lamps creates a much better look.

Location, Location, Location – A single overhead (and over your your bed) lighting fixture tends to cast a rather glaring direct light that is rather unflattering (and annoying) while failing to actually illuminate half of the room at all. Any room benefits from a layered lighting scheme – that is one that is a mixture of task and accent lighting – but that is especially true in the bedroom. Bedside lamps are usually a must for most people but task lighting elsewhere may be called for elsewhere as well, especially if you are one of those people who like to keep a computer or TV in your bedroom.

Wall Lights as Art – Wall lights make a great addition to almost any room because apart from providing a nice source of accent lighting they can actually serve as wall art as well. From elegant and traditional to ultra modern and angled there are wall lamps out there in a myriad of designs, which an either be used as accents to your current décor scheme or as the focal points for a new one.

Wardrobe Lighting – The one place people really neglect to light properly in their bedroom is their wardrobe. Even if you have one of those wonderful built in kinds it is not going to be much good to you if it is so dark in places you cannot be sure that there is a not a doorway to Narnia lurking in there somewhere. Wardrobe lighting does not have to be too fancy, track or recessed lighting will do the job just fine, but once you can actually see the clothes that you own we guarantee getting dressed in the morning is going to become an awful lot easier.