Is your back yard pool properly fenced off? If the answer is no that may soon get you into some legal hot water. The Sport and Recreation Minister’s Council (SRMC) are in the process of developing national pool fencing legislation that will , they hope, save lives in the face of the news that accidental drownings in residential pools are still on the rise.

According to Royal Life Saving (RLS) the number of deaths by accidental drowning has increased by more than 15 per cent in the past two years, with more than 150 children under the age of 4 drowning, with more than half of those accidents occurring in residential backyard pools.

Just how should you fence your pool off though, without spoiling the aesthetic appeal? There are a lot of options available but perhaps one of the most stylish is glass fencing. The glass used to fence in pools is the same super tough tempered glass you find being used to create shower glass doors inside and as such provides the safe barrier that every backyard pool should be surrounded by but without disturbing the overall look of your pool landscaping or blocking anyone’s view.

Glass fencing comes in clear and tinted versions and a good glass fencing installer can even offer you a frameless installation option that will render the new fence almost invisible, if that is what you desire. Others prefer the elegance of a tinted enclosure as it often creates a contemporary “pulled together” look that adds to the visual appeal of the area around your pool while providing that extra sense of peace of mind that the glass is visible enough that everyone (including the kids) can easily see that the barrier is there.

Whatever your preference if you are interested in having glass fencing installed around your pool the time to act is now, before any legislation comes into effect and you are forced to scramble to meet regulations, leaving you perhaps less time to shop around to get the best deal from the most experienced of contractors.