If you seem to be running out of room in your home you may have other options other then sell up and move to a larger house. While many people tend to look at the idea of basement conversion, or even adding an extension, others look to the unused space above their heads and consider a loft conversion.

Loft conversions are usually cheaper (and easier) to accomplish than actually adding an extension on and depending on the complexities of the project can be more affordable even than a basement remodel. Only a consultation with a tradesman who specializes in loft conversions will tell you for sure though.

Getting Started – The first thing you will need to do if you are considering a loft conversion is bring in an architect or structural engineer to tell you what can and cannot be accomplished in your loft. Some lofts are constructed in such a way that they convert into usable rooms relatively easily, while others are too low or unusually shaped to be suitable for conversion without a great deal of work being involved. A pro should be able to tell you if your plans are within the realm of possibility and just how much they might cost to achieve.

What Can You Do Up There? – As most lofts actually run the entire length of the house a loft conversion can end up giving you a whole new floor’s worth of space. People choose to create bedrooms, whole mother in law suites, game rooms, libraries, even playrooms for the kids. As long as the project is structurally sound and within you budget the sky is the limit (pardon the pun) when it comes to loft conversions.

It is worth remembering though that your loft conversion will probably affect the lower levels of your home as well. If you intend to build a room or space that will be used on a regular basis simply hanging a loft ladder is probably not going to cut it and you will need to have some form of permanent staircase installed, which will steal floor space from the lower level. A good attic conversion specialist will help you work through all of these kinds of issues.

The Beauty of a Loft Conversion – Whatever use you actually decide to put your new loft space to it can often end up being one of the most aesthetically attractive spaces in your home. The higher ceilings and interesting lines that most lofts and attics have naturally lend themselves to creating a very interesting space visually one that is perhaps more interesting than a basement conversion might be.