A child’s playroom, above all, else, needs to be a safe and secure place to play. That does not mean however that it cannot have style as well. here are a few great tips for creating (or updating) a playroom your kids can enjoy for years:

The Walls: Fads come and go in a kids world, and at a frequent rate. Sometimes it can seem like one month they are crazy about one thing and the next they have forgotten all about it and moved onto something new. Therefore keeping up with a “theme” for their playroom walls can be tough.

Removable wall decals are one way of doing so easily though. A few decals featuring their current favorite cartoon characters or interests can be purchased for just a few dollars from you local home store. They affix in seconds (literally) and can be removed and replaced just as easily, when they become “old” and the kids have moved onto a new interest.

The Floors: Carpet is OK for a playroom but gets messy and dirty very easily when there are active children around. Cork flooring is one popular new alternative and for a couple of good reasons. Cork’s spongy properties will cushion a kid’s fall far better than even the deepest carpet pile can. It is also a material that possesses natural anti bacterial properties and will resist dust and dirt far better than other flooring options.

Rubber tiles are another, less expensive playroom flooring option to consider. Just make sure you opt for a low VOC version so that you, and your children, are not stuck with that “rubbery” smell.

Storage: A good playroom has lots of storage space but to be most effective it needs to be kid friendly storage space. Shelves set high on the walls and liable to fall at any minute tallboys are not the best options. Adding a number of brightly colored plastic storage boxes is a better idea. They are tough and durable and because they are located at “kid height” even young toddlers can be taught to put away their toys neatly at the end of the day.