Converting unused loft space into an extra bedroom – or even a whole new master suite – is a popular way to add extra livable space to a home that is otherwise one you want to stay in. Done right such rooms can become the most spectacular in the house. A loft conversion like this is not for everyone though. Here are some points to consider if this is a project that interests you:

Is Loft Living for You?

Whether the new space will be used by you or another member of the household or even converted into a guest room, you do have to consider if the loft is really a place you would want to sleep. Some people love the idea of the serenity of being separated from the rest of home but do not relish the climb up the stairs.

In addition parents with younger children may be uncomfortable with the level of separation from the rest of the house that a loft bedroom would bring. On the other hand a teen may thank you forever for providing them with a sanctuary away from everyone else (and you may enjoy it yourself) Consider you unique family situation when deciding whether or not loft living is for you.

Is a Loft Bedroom a Good Idea Financially?

Your next step should be to begin to determine just how much work and money it will actually take to convert your loft into a livable bedroom. In older houses, the heating, ventilating and air conditioning may all have to be run up to the loft and if you want to add an en suite bathroom plumbing pipes as well.

Many homeowners do find though that the initial expense of all this to the is minimal in comparison to the benefits offered by the new functional space they will be gaining. Before you get started, ask a reliable tradesman to help you in estimating the costs.

Once You Decide to go Ahead

If you do determine that a loft bedroom is right for you the real fun begins. Most lofts and attics are visually very beautiful after a conversion. Usually the roof lines that are already in place make for stunning ceilings and as you are literally right at the top of the house the lighting options are great too. Many lofts already have good windows that let in a lot of natural light but even if yours does not adding a skylight or suntube or two is not a big deal for a good professional.