If you use the phrase “greening your home” these days most people automatically think that you are talking about making some eco friendly adjustments. And while that is a great idea what we are actually talking about here is adding some actual green in the form of colour.

Green is Scary

For many people the idea of using green in their home is pretty scary. It tends to conjure up mental images of dreadful Seventies kitchens that are best forgotten. It is certainly true that used the wrong way green can be truly dreadful but by choosing the right shades – and the right spaces – it can actually be an amazing color choice for all kinds of home decor schemes.

Celery Green – The Sophisticated Green

A celery green shade is a great choice for overall wall color. It is more interesting than white, cream or beige but still subtle enough that it does not become too overwhelming.

You should make sure that the shade you choose has a little yellow to it though otherwise you could end up with a minty green that might be great for a nursery but not so great for a living room or an adult bedroom.



Bringing Earthy Greens to Life

Earthy greens can be another great alternative to the more traditional neutrals but unless you are careful it can end up looking rather drab and somewhat boring. You can prevent that however by using some complementary color accents like rich cream and buttery yellow as well as striking shots of black and white.



Taming Bright Greens

A citrus green can provide a pop of bright, modern color to any slightly contemporary decor. These greens are best used with other modern neutrals though – a darker cream, a subtle pink – as well as with darker shades of brown and black.




Testing is a Must

Green is just one of those colors that you MUST test in your home before you buy it, especially when it comes to paint. What looks like a fabulous olive may turn out to be a murky moody grey green on the wall so testing is a must.

Green paint is not the only thing that you should test out in your home though. Certain greens make great carpet choices but the light in a room can make a big difference to just how the shade looks.

Take the time to bring a carpet sample home or have someone come and bring some to you. It will take a little longer but it is better than being stuck with a carpet that you thought was a nice modern, light citrus green under the bright showroom lights that looks more like someone skinned Kermit the Frog and his relatives when it is laid in your living room!