If you ever spend time leafing through glossy magazines for kitchen design inspiration – or these days maybe you spend more time doing so on a site like Pinterest – there are usually elements about many of the kitchens that attract you while others just don’t work at all, for you anyway. The one thing that often catches many people’s eye is a fantastic kitchen backsplash. The right backsplash ties a kitchen’s visual elements together and creates a striking impression.

The oddest thing is though although many homeowners are struck by backsplash designs when they are looking for remodeling ideas they then get so carried away with the whole choosing new flooring, cupboards and benchtops thing that goes along with a full kitchen remodel that the backsplash becomes an afterthought, something that is a real shame.

Here are just a few of the basic backsplash concepts you can build off if you really have no real idea where to start or what might work best:

– If you are opting for natural stone or granite benchtops then a rustic themed backsplash might be a great choice. The look is generally characterized by tile that has an aged character and either very rich, deep colors like reds, browns and yellows or cooler tones like grey for a vintage look.




– A Mediterranean backsplash uses the bright colors of the ocean and the areas around it to impart a very lively, sunny vibe. Blues, greens, oranges and shades in between all make great choices. This tends to work well in a kitchen that belongs to someone who is not afraid of colour and wants a fun space to cook in as well as to show off.




– Stainless steel, black and white subway tile, brightly coloured laminates and even mirror look tile backsplashes can all make a great addition to a very contemporary kitchen. The look should be bold enough that it can act as the central focus of the room without overpowering the look of all the other elements.




Whimsical – Farmyard animals, wine country scenes, great graphic art and even classic works of art all often find their way onto kitchen backsplashes. If you prefer to stamp your space with your own personality a whimsical backsplash like this can be just the way to do it!