Choosing just the right flooring for a room is a very important part of creating its overall look and vibe. There are lots of great options out there – carpet, hardwood, tile, vinyl – but what happens when people really start thinking outside the box and create flooring that is unique to say the least.
Lets find out …

Belted Flooring

If you are into going green then how about belted flooring? A UK based company, Ting, creates this rather striking flooring using nothing but old leather belts. The belts are all sanded and honed so that they are the same height and then bonded together to sheet tile that can be laid on the floor or attached to the walls.

A New Use for Old Pennies

If you make your living as a mosaic artist then it only makes sense that the floor in your own home would be in that style. However one US artist, Angela Edwards, went a lot further than many might and created this floor in her kitchen at home by piecing together over 30,000 pennies. It took her a year to complete, which must have been a little inconvenient on the cooking front, but you have to agree that the results were pretty stunning!

Glammed Up Concrete

When one woman, Kathy, a keen blogger, was trying to figure out what to do about a plain and boring concrete floor in her home she came up with this creative (and copy worthy) idea. Using garage grade epoxy paint and craft store glitter she created this stunning sparkly floor.

Bottle Cap Flooring

This is another clever mosaic inspired piece of flooring art created completely out of hundreds of bottle caps set into thin set mortar and then finished with a polyurethane glaze.