Some homeowners believe that a room addition, although it will almost add to the function of their
home is just too much of daunting home remodeling project to undertake, even if they will be hiring
someone to do all of the actual work for them. They hear horror stories about roofs caving in because
the wrong wall was knocked down , families having to spend months away from their home when
a room addition project took longer than unexpected, projects going way over budget and draining
someone’s wallet dry and sometimes worse.

Some of these stories may be true, some may be exaggerations, but the fact is that a room addition
does not have to be a project that is anywhere near as hard or daunting as it may sound. As long as you
plan carefully, take your time and find the right people to work with making your home a better and
more useful place to live should end up being a very rewarding experience. Here are some important
considerations to keep in mind to help make sure the whole project progresses as planned;

Budget – Before you begin talking to contractors and making grand plans for your room addition sit
down and work out a realistic budget for your project – and then stick to it. Room addition budgets
tend to spiral out of control when a homeowner starts submitting change order after change order to
their tradesmen because they have had another “great idea” that only just came to them, without giving
proper thought to just how much more that bright idea is going to cost them.

Real Estate Market Considerations – Even if you are not planning on selling your home anytime in the
near (or distant) future, it still pays to ask a couple of local real estate brokers about the room additions
that tend to offer the best return on a home-owner’s investment in your area.

They will also probably be able to tell you about what kind of room additions turn home buyers off, so
that you won’t end up building a white elephant room that no one will want should you end up deciding
to sell after all.

DIY Disaster – If you listen to many of those room addition horror stories properly they begin “When
we decided to do a room addition” and the we means the homeowners and a couple of their “quite
handy” mates. Thanks in part to all those glossy TV shows and Internet blogs many people think that
they will save themselves a lot of money by building a room addition themselves.

The problem is that a room addition is very much like building a little house. You need to add the
plumbing, the electrics, the walls, floors, ceilings etc and still make sure that one, the whole thing does
not fall apart and two, the local building inspector does not come knocking on your door to tell you it
all has to come down because you failed to get the right permits and permissions.

Room additions are a remodeling project best left to the professional tradesmen right from the very start. Take
your time, do some research to find a good one who has experience in the field and in the end you
should find that having your room addition built , which is so useful you don’t know how you lived
without it, was not that painful at all.