If you have younger children, and the space in your home, creating a dedicated space they can call their own in the form of a playroom is a win-win situation for everyone. The kids get their own area to be as rowdy and creative as they want (within reason) and the rest of your home (hopefully) remains adult friendly and presentable to the world at large.

Creating a great, functional and fun playroom for kids does take more than just throwing their toys into the spare bedroom and calling it a day though. Here are a few simple tips for creating a playspace that can grow with your children and provide years of fun:

Go Neutral – When choosing colors for the walls of your new playroom keep it neutral. Over the years kids’ preferences change a great deal and they change quickly. That cutesy mural may seem like a great idea when you child is four but it will become an embarrassment to them by the time they are ten. There are lots of great choices out there when it comes to affordable wall decals – make use of those instead.

Safe Flooring Options – A playroom for younger kids is likely to be a busy place. Opting for a safer flooring option can save a lot of bumps, bruises and tears over the years. Rubber is a great choice and more affordable – and attractive – than you might imagine. It is also a lot easier to clean than carpet.

Child Safe Tips – A playroom for young kids should be one of the safest rooms in the home. Putting childproof covers on plug sockets, keeping trailing wires to a minimum and opting for furniture without sharp edges can all help make that the case.

Add Flexible Furniture – Tiny tables and chairs are cute for toddlers but they have a very limited useful life. A low table and lots of kid friendly options like floor cushions and beanbags are a better idea as they will be as suited to use by a teen – when a playroom becomes a hangout – as they are for a tot.

Need some inspiration? Check out the great playroom ideas in the gallery below: