Our homes are filled with tons of neat electronic gadgets. Computers, big screen TVs, video game consoles, floor lamps so that you can achieve that ‘layered lighting look’ that every interior designer says a home should have. All of this is great but many of us do struggle with one problem, hiding all of those electrical cords that all of these gadgets need in order to function.

Sometimes, if you are lucky, you can hide some of cords in a cupboard or an entertainment center. But there are times when there is nothing else to do but live with a cord or two trailing across the floor or the wall. There are however some things you can do to make the look a little more attractive and even make them a part of your overall decor. Here are a few clever ideas:

colored electrical tape

The very simple – and inexpensive – act of just wrapping a decorative electrical tape around this surge protector makes it a hundred times more appealing and even rather quirky. You can pick up this kind of tape at home stores and even in some dollar stores.


As this room already had a very earthy, Nature inspired decor scheme then wrapping a trailing cord in fire safe roping – which again you can find at any home store – only serves to enhance the effect in a very cool way.

bird cord

lots of birds art


Here are two clever examples of how the use of simple wall decals can actually turn trailing cords into stunning works of art. You don’t have to do birdies of course, wall decals like are actually pretty inexpensive and craft stores carry a huge range of them, so you can really unleash you inner artist.

skyline power cord

If you have the patience, and the basic drawing skills to map out the path the cord has to travel on the wall, then you can, as was the case in this example, even use the cord itself to create a work of wall art!