Bring the Spa Home with a New Luxury Bathtub

Most of us like a nice soak in the bath, at least once in a while. Showers are great when you are runhing to get off to work but baths are still much nicer if you have the time. The idea of turning your own bathroom into a spa of sorts is one that has … Continue Reading

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Great Home Decor Ideas: Aquariums as Home Decor

A great many people like to keep an aquarium somewhere in their home. However common or exotic fish may be they are colorful and fascinating , even relaxing to watch. And as pets fish do not need to be walked or groomed and they will certainly never chew up your favorite pair of slippers or … Continue Reading

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Creating a Healthy Home – Part 3 The Bathroom

The third in a series of posts about how we can all make a few easy changes to our homes and our habits to make them a healthier place to hang out. Creating a Healthier Bathroom – Bathrooms are, as you might expect, quite the germ magnets. There is plenty you can do to make … Continue Reading

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Change Your Life by Adding a Master Bathroom to Your Home

A lot of newer homes come with a master bathroom suite these days pretty much as a simple matter of course. This is not the case with many older homes. But just because you own a home that was built back in the years before a master bathroom suite became a must does not mean … Continue Reading

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Unusual Wall Tile Options for a Look that is All Your Own

A lot of homeowners consider tiling their walls instead of painting or wallpapering them, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. Most of the time though ceramic tiles of various types are the only wall tiles they consider, and while there is nothing wrong with that at all there are other great wall tile options that … Continue Reading

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One Simple Trick to Maintaining a Clean Shower Without Scrubbing

Ceramic tile showers are becoming more and more popular, for the most part because they are absolutely beautiful to behold and function very well. In fact those homeowners who have opted to upgrade their bathroom by having a ceramic tiled shower installed (or were lucky to enough to have inherited one) usually only have one … Continue Reading

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Easy Bathroom Upgrades that Will Change Your Life

Upgrading your bathroom does not have to mean a complete re-do and there are some great upgrades that can really positively impact any bathroom, improving both its overall look and function. These simple home  improvements can be made for a relatively small investment but the difference they will make to you day to day life … Continue Reading

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