Watching the Little Details when Planing a Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodeling remains the number one home improvement project planned by homeowners for 2014 and such projects, when properly executed, still offer a great return on your investment. In planning a kitchen remodel though there are some seemingly very small details that can be forgotten that if overlooked could make quite a big difference to … Continue Reading

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Is Corian the Right Choice for Your Home?

There are a great many different counter top materials for homeowners to choose from when renovating or remodeling their kitchen. Corian is one of the more popular of those choices. What is Corian? Corian is a synthetic resin countertop material that was created, and is sold, by Dupont. It can be created in almost any … Continue Reading

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Using Technology to Help With Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Design

If you are considering kitchen cabinet refacing as an alternative to kitchen cabinet replacement to upgrade the look of your kitchen space then design is a very important consideration and in fact kitchen cabinet refacing design is not something to be taken lightly. The challenge for many homeowners though is that seeing replacement doors and … Continue Reading

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The Beauty of Zinc in The Kitchen

Most of the time a full kitchen remodeling project will involve installing new kitchen bench tops.As such things are usually such a large part of any kitchen, taking the time to choose just the rightoption is essential. and with so many different ones available today the choice can be a veryhard one indeed. From a … Continue Reading

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Great Reasons Why Laminate Counter Tops Deserve a Second Look

In a time when granite and natural stone counter tops are all the rage in popular decor magazines laminate counter tops have got something of a bad rap recently. In some people’s minds a laminate counter top means something that is outdated and looks “cheap”. Modern laminates are very different from their old fashioned counterparts … Continue Reading

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Custom Kitchen Cabinetry – Protecting Your Investment

As most large kitchen remodeling projects involve a considerable financial investment on the part of the consumer, more and more people are eschewing the pre cut, pre fabricated cabinetry found at the local home improvement store in favor of hiring a carpenter or carpentry company that specializes in custom cabinetry. The logic for most people … Continue Reading

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Choosing the Right Kitchen Backsplash for Your Home

If you ever spend time leafing through glossy magazines for kitchen design inspiration – or these days maybe you spend more time doing so on a site like Pinterest – there are usually elements about many of the kitchens that attract you while others just don’t work at all, for you anyway. The one thing … Continue Reading

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Give Your Kitchen a Brand New Look with Replacement Cabinet Doors

You are bored with your kitchen – or specifically your kitchen cupboards and cabinets. There’s nothing wrong with the way they function though, they are big enough and you rather like the layout you just hate the way they look. If that is the case though why go to all the hassle and expensive of ripping them … Continue Reading

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Make the Most of Your Space – Simple Decor Tips for Flat Dwellers

If you are a flat dweller home improvement and home decor can be a bit of a challenge – not only because you are probably dealing with a smaller space but for many people dealing with a landlord’s rules as well. Renting a flat does not have to mean you cannot live in a place … Continue Reading

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Quick Kitchen Face Lifts: Hot Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

One relatively easy way to give a slightly tired looking, but still very functional, kitchen a bit of a facelift is to replace your old splashbacks. You can choose from a wide range of materials and styles but here, to get your creative juices flowing, is a little information about what is really hot in … Continue Reading

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