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Your Dog and Your Hardwood Floors – Not Always the Best of Friends

Your dog may be your best friend but if Fido is prone to the occasional “accident” he certainly isn’t your hardwood floor’s best friend, as dog urine is one of the things that can do serious and often pretty expensive damage to a hardwood floor. If you do a quick Internet search you will find … Continue Reading

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Flooring Don’ts to Keep in Mind as You Shop

Along with all the “dos” you might hear when having new floors installed there are some pretty big “don’ts” you need to keep in mind when actually deciding what kind of flooring to put where. Here are some of the biggest that you should keep in mind while out shopping: Save hardwood flooring for rooms … Continue Reading

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How to lay wooden flooring

Stage 1 – Tools & Preparation httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDMevUDecUY Stage 2 – Doing The Job httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3OVftk1Fmo&feature=related Related posts: How to lay pavers

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Choosing the Right Carpet Colour

So you have finally decided that it is time to rip up that nasty old stuff and you are ready to splash out on some nice new carpeting. On the way to choosing just the right carpet you have a lot of decisions to make – texture, manufacturer, actual cost per square foot – but … Continue Reading

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Care Tips for Older Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are often a big selling point for a home whether it is brand new or of an older vintage. These older hardwood floors can be a bit of a problem though. If you are considering purchasing (or have already purchased) an older home with hardwood floors it may take a bit of detective … Continue Reading

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