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Every Day Carpet Cleaning Tips – Vacuuming the Right Way

Regular vacuuming is a must between professional carpet cleaning and it is a task that needs to undertaken at least a few times a week. What many people do not realize is that there is actually a right and wrong way to vacuum your carpets. Seriously, there really is more to vacuuming your carpets properly … Continue Reading

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DIY Ideas – Rehabbing and Repainting Furniture

Walk into most of the big furniture shops these days and you will no doubt find some great stuff, but it will often look pretty generic and rather unoriginal. For some people that is not really an issue, they want a no fuss home decor scheme that simply looks neat, tidy and functional. Others however … Continue Reading

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Why You Need a Dehumidifier for Your Home

There are a number of reasons why keeping a dehumidifer in your home is a good idea. People do tend to overlook them though, worrying more about air conditioners, fans and heaters but there are several things that only a good dehumidifier can do for you: Drying Out a Damp Room Any home can suffer … Continue Reading

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Outdoor Solar Lighting Basics – The Affordable Way To Light Up a Landscape in Style

Adequate outdoor lighting is a must for most people when it comes to the outdoor areas around their homes and businesses but it is not always easy to install it and it is certainly never cheap. Outdoor solar lights are fast becoming the best alternative to traditional electric powered outdoor lights because they are more … Continue Reading

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Rental Property 101 – Choosing the Right Materials for Rental Property Remodeling and Repairs

Owning a rental property can be a great way to make an additional income. Even when homes are not selling renters are always still renting. It is not a completely passive income though. You do need to keep the property properly maintained – something that is not do hard with the help of the right tradesman or tradesmen. In the first … Continue Reading

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Common Gutter Problems That Regular Maintenance Can Prevent or Solve

The gutters that run around your home are its single best defense against water damage. However they can only do their job if they are properly maintained. Most homeowners understand the importance of clearing their gutters of debris (even if they are not always very good at keeping up with the task) but clogged gutters … Continue Reading

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Is Your DIY Electrical Project Actually Breaking the Law?

In the past we have written about the practical dangers of doing your own DIY electrical work around your home. But did you know that by going the DIY route you might also be breaking the law? The law in Australia is pretty black and white when it comes to working on the electrical in … Continue Reading

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This is What Happens When You Don’t Use Trade Platform

Poor Tardar Sauce!  She’s a US kitty, so Trade Platform was not an option for her. It is for you though. Rather than become a grump yourself trying to track down a good tradesmen post your project, for free, at Trade Platform and we will even give you rewards for doing so! Related posts: Trade Platform is … Continue Reading

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Custom Kitchen Cabinetry – Protecting Your Investment

As most large kitchen remodeling projects involve a considerable financial investment on the part of the consumer, more and more people are eschewing the pre cut, pre fabricated cabinetry found at the local home improvement store in favor of hiring a carpenter or carpentry company that specializes in custom cabinetry. The logic for most people … Continue Reading

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Things to Consider When Thinking about Installing Central Air Conditioning

If you are considering investing in a new central air conditioning system there are a number of points to consider before actually doing so. Firstly installing a central air conditioning system is any kind is certainly not a DIY project and all work must be completed by a good heating and cooling specialist. The local … Continue Reading

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