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The Dos and Don’ts of Serving – and Storing – Wine

There is something very special about the simple act of enjoying a glass or two of wine with a great meal at the end of a long day. When you drink it in moderation wine (especially the reds) has been proven to offer all kinds of health benefits.Wine has now been found to potentially help … Continue Reading

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Entertaining with Ease: Throw an Appetizers Only New Year’s Bash

After all the effort you put into Christmas dinner chances are that you really do not want to have to start all over again and prepare a huge amount of fancy food for your New Year’s celebrations. But you still have to offer guests something to eat. That is why an appetizer party can be … Continue Reading

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Christmas Entertaining – Home Bartender’s Basics

Christmas is a time for parties and get togethers and the one thing you do need if you will be entertaining at all (even if it is just the neighbours stopping by for a few hours) is a well stocked bar. But what does that consist of these days. Here are some bar essentials we … Continue Reading

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Creating a Great Home Office: Work From Home in Style

There are a steadily increasing number of people are finding that there are indeed more than a few a advantages to escaping the rat race and working out of their home instead. One of the biggest is away from a boring and stifling corporate office environment and being given the opportunity to create a home … Continue Reading

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Do’s and Dont’s Of Home Decorating Part 2: Choosing Your Colours

The colours that you choose for use all over your home can truly make or break the space, no matter what other elements you choose to incorporate. Here are some do’s and don’ts that you should keep in mind as you are choosing new colours for your next home improvement project: DO learn about the … Continue Reading

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Great Homemade Jack O’ Lantern Ideas for Halloween

Its almost that time of year again – Halloween. Different cultures all over the world see the night differently but in Australia it is increasingly being seen as a good excuse for a party and a bit of scary fun. There are a lot of decorations and scary extras available in the shops right now … Continue Reading

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Creating a Great Teen Study Space

A set place to study is something that every teenager should have, especially since that takes one of their excuses not to do so away! Traditionally parents have simply added a desk and a chair to their kids room but given that these days that room is likely to be filled with video game systems, … Continue Reading

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Entertaining in the Great Indoors – Winter Dining Parties

Summer’s over, so no more elegant little al fresco dinners on the patio, no more frothy cocktails by the pool. Winter should not see you retreating into your shell socially though. Here are some ideas for great indoor dinner parties and dining events that you could put together to add a little interest to the … Continue Reading

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