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Taking a Stylish Yet Functional Approach to Lighting Your Bedroom

  Whether yours is little more than a box room or a grand master suite you probably make use of your bedroom for more than just sleeping in. While a darkened bedroom is certainly usually conducive to slumber it is of little use for anything else. Therefore using modern lighting techniques to get the lighting … Continue Reading

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Easy Ways to Transform a Bedroom From Blah to Beautiful

Even if it is not a room you show off to guests too often having an attractive, functional bedroom is still a must, especially given how much time the average person is likely to spend there! This is a room that is often overlooked when it comes to home improvement though as the funds are … Continue Reading

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Creating a Great Guest Bedroom for Less

A great many of us have a guest bedroom in our homes. Except for much of the year its not really a guest bedroom at all, its a place where everyone in the family stores their clutter or the dog goes to hide when he’s done something bad. Then when it actually comes time to … Continue Reading

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Lighting Your Bedroom To Improve Its Looks and Function

Whether you have a huge master bedroom suite or little more than a basic box chances are that you use your bedroom space for more than just sleeping, and while a darkened chamber may be conducive to slumber it is not much good for anything else. The right lighting in the bedroom can make or … Continue Reading

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