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Feng Shui Decorating For a Smaller Living Space

Feng Shui has been around for thousands of years in the Far East but it is only over the past few decades that the rest of the world has really taken an interest. Applying its sometimes complicated principles to a large home can be challenging but If you are faced with the challenge of applying … Continue Reading

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Home Improvement and Your Pet’s Safety

A big home improvement or remodeling project can, and usually does disrupt life for everyone in the household for a while and that of course includes your pets. And while you can explain to even the youngest kids just why all the upheaval is necessary, your pets are just not going to understand. All they … Continue Reading

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Easy Ways to Reduce Winter Window Condensation

Window condensation is irritating and ugly to look at (except to kids who like to trace pictures in it) but, as many homeowners already know, it can do its fair share of damage too, both in the short term and over a period of time. From perennially damp drapes and blinds to rotting window sills … Continue Reading

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Taking a Stylish Yet Functional Approach to Lighting Your Bedroom

  Whether yours is little more than a box room or a grand master suite you probably make use of your bedroom for more than just sleeping in. While a darkened bedroom is certainly usually conducive to slumber it is of little use for anything else. Therefore using modern lighting techniques to get the lighting … Continue Reading

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Using Crown Molding, Coffered Ceilings and Chair Rails to Give a Boring Room Personality

  The one problem with the overall design of many modern new homes is that they are simply rather plain and somewhat lacking in character. If you are into stark modernism that may be great, but if not, you may be looking for ways to give a newer space a little bit of its own … Continue Reading

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Design Inspirations: Indoor Outdoor Bathrooms

Know what one of the hottest trends in home improvement is right now among the ‘fashionable ‘ set? The indoor/outdoor bathroom. The idea behind the concept is that with the clever use of windows, lighting, appliances and accessories a bathroom space is created that combines the indoors and the out. Not sure just how that … Continue Reading

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Choosing the Right Outdoor Kitchen Essentials

Summer is the perfect time for making the most of the good weather and taking your meals outdoors instead of being stuck in a hot kitchen or stuffy dining room to eat. These days more and more people are taking that idea to the next level and creating an complete outdoor kitchen that truly allows … Continue Reading

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Decorating Your Sun Room

A sun room can provide a great retreat for everyone in your home. A place to sit and admire the view, to relax with a good book and nice glass of something delicious, a place to escape from the rest of the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house for a while. And … Continue Reading

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Three Ways to Liven Up Your Home Office

As silly as it may sound to those who have little experience of the concept working from home is so much more enjoyable – and productive – if you have a home office that looks good, is organized and actually feels like an office instead of a corner of the kitchen (which it very well … Continue Reading

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Wall Options for a Plain Home That Instantly Add Interest and Character

Although many newer homes are very efficient and boast all the latest mod cons the one thing that many of them can also be is rather stark, boring and lacking i the character that an older home might have, especially when it comes to the walls, that are often simply whitewashed o the completion of … Continue Reading

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