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Easy Home Decor Tricks – Decoupage

Most people have one in their home. A piece of furniture, a chest of drawers, a side table, maybe even a headboard, that has seen better days but would still be quite serviceable because it has great lines, or provides great storage but it really needs to be refinished before it could ever be presentable … Continue Reading

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Decorating Dos and Don’ts Part 1 – The Basics

This week we are going back to the basics – the basics of home decorating that is. Decorating your home is deeply personal – what looks great and works well in someone elses home may look horrible in yours. Having said that though there are some elements of home décor that are pretty standard. So with … Continue Reading

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Great Home Decor Ideas: Aquariums as Home Decor

A great many people like to keep an aquarium somewhere in their home. However common or exotic fish may be they are colorful and fascinating , even relaxing to watch. And as pets fish do not need to be walked or groomed and they will certainly never chew up your favorite pair of slippers or … Continue Reading

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