If there’s water, water everywhere because a pipe in your home has burst, or a toilet has overflowed that it is time to pick up the phone and call in plumber is a no brainer. However there are other, slightly more subtle signs that trouble is brewing in your homes plumbing that should not be ignored:

Stinky Smells – If you can continually smell an unpleasant odor but have no idea where its coming from you may have a sewer problem. Aside from the fact that the smell of sewer gas often becomes truly dreadful it can also be toxic so its a problem you need a plumber to come out and address right away.

Drains that Clog Up Too Often – The drain clogs. You stick a bottler of drainer cleaner down it and the problem goes away – for a little while. A week or so later you find yourself back at the hardware store again picking up another bottle of “Super Clog Buster”.

This scenario indicates that its time to stop wasting your money on bottle after bottle of chemicals, bite the bullet andring a plumber. A plumber has some pretty neat drain cleaning tools that could shift almost anything but while they are there they can also evaluate what is causing the problem and what has to be done to fix it.

A Leak You Can’t Find – Your water is going up but the rates haven’t changed and no one is using any more water than they used to. The water company suggests you might have a leak, but you certainly can’t see one.

Not all water leaks are visible though, but a good plumber can trace their way around your plumbing to figure out whats going on. Again, don’t delay because aside from running up your water bill an undetected leak usually leads to mold and mildew, which can be harder (and more expensive) to get rid of than paying a plumber to track the leak down.

Gas Heater Problems – Gas heaters of any kind – either a gas water heater of a gas radiator – are not things that any amateur should tinker with if they go on the blink. Even if you have the nominals, are relatively handy and have a good idea what’s wrong putting your home and your family in danger just to save a few bucks on calling out a plumber just isn’t worth the risk.