Some people just prefer to spend much old their downtime at home – spending time with family and friends. One of the things that can make that time far more enjoyable is to have that rather dim and dark basement in your home converted into a more useful – and more enjoyable space. With the help of a few good tradesmen and a little imagination most basements can be converted for many different uses, but here are just a few that may be especially appealing to those who enjoy spending more time at home than they do out on the town.

Game Room – The game room of the 21st century is a lot more than just a space with a few comfy armchairs and a dartboard. Video games are bigger than ever before, and not just with kids. A recent survey actually found that the average age of serious Australian gamers is 30, not 13 as you might have imagined. All of the leading video console manufacturers now sell games and controllers that actually require gamers to get up off the sofa and move, so in many cases the average sized bedroom or living room often just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Adding a game room to your basement will provide the gamers in your home ample room to play to their hearts content with the added advantage that they can do so in peace, without driving the non gamers in the household insane. You can still add all the traditional elements of a good game room to – maybe including a nice basement bar.

Home Gym – How many times have sworn that you will start that new exercise regime soon? Or even gone out and paid for gym membership you have yet to ever use? Finding the motivation to get to the gym after a hard day at work can be hard, but what if it was only a few steps away in the basement rather than half way across town? A basement gym is not hard to create at all and you might actually finally meet all those lofty fitness goals of yours!

Wine Cellar – Having a wine cellar in the basement might sound like something reserved for the millionaires of this world or James Bond but it doesn’t have to be. A basement wine cellar can be as plain and simple as well crafted shelving installed in a corner to a full wine storage area complete with refrigerator and even a wet bar for easy entertaining.