You have been planning and saving for months, if not years. Now you are finally ready for a brand new kitchen and cannot wait for the tradesmen to come in and start ripping out all those old kitchen cupboards and workbenches and replace them with newer, shinier, better looking and more functional upgrades.

There is one last thing you should do before the tradesmen arrive though. That is to take one last look at your kitchen design plans. Often there are small, but significant-in-the-end factors that homeowners tend to accidentally overlook, especially if they were the ones primarily responsible for coming up with most of the plans.

These are the main points you should definitely be looking at in your review:

Is there going to be enough room to open all the kitchen cupboard doors and drawers properly?

Is there enough work surface space between the sink, the cooker and the fridge so that food prep is easy, not cramped?

Is your trusty old microwave going in right place in the new scheme of things? If there are children in the house is that place low enough for them to reach without having to climb on something and hurt themselves?

Did you make sure that your new kitchen flooring at least compliments that in adjoining rooms?

Do you have really have enough lighting planned? Under cupboard lights are often skimped on or forgotten altogether but they are incredibly helpful and aesthetically pleasing in any kitchen and should be included.

Is the actual work flow between all the appliances going to be a smooth one?

Did you really plan for enough storage space?

Are you happy with your new kitchen plans?

If, after you have gone over and addresses all these points you are still happy with your current plans great, put the kettle on and prepare to welcome the tradesmen intro your home. However if you have any nagging doubts, even if the kitchen designs were drawn up by a kitchen remodeling expert, speak now or forever hold your peace and don’t moan that you didn’t get what you wanted when the job is done…