A lot of homeowners consider tiling their walls instead of painting or wallpapering them, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. Most of the time though ceramic tiles of various types are the only wall tiles they consider, and while there is nothing wrong with that at all there are other great wall tile options that can be explored as well, especially if you’d like a look that is a little different. Here are some lesser used wall tile options you might want to have a look at before you do anything to the walls in your home.

Glass Wall Tile – Around since the sixties glass tile is currently enjoying a bit of renaissance. Traditionally glass tiling has been reserved for pool areas and bathrooms, mainly because its high shine and naturally water resistant properties make it a logical chose for such damp areas. Glass tile can also look fabulous in the kitchen as well though and if you choose a recycled glass tile you will be doing your bit to “go green” as well.

Cork Wall Tile – You have probably read or heard about the emergence of cork flooring as one of the hottest ‘green flooring” options available today but have you ever considered – or even seen – cork wall tiles? These wall tiles come in a wide variety of textures, finishes and hues and installed the right way look every bit as attractive and elegant as real wood paneling but does cost far less.

Cork also has great sound absorption properties, another bonus, making it perhaps a great choice for the bedroom or a basement game room.

Metal Wall Tile – Depending on the type you choose metal wall tile can either impart an olde world charm in the form of copper or tin or add a sleek, ultra modern look if you opt for stainless steel. Some homeowners do tend to shy away from the more modern stainless steel option concerned that the resulting look will just be too cold and clinical looking. Mixing things up a little can address that concern though. For instance checkerboard stainless steel and copper tiles can lead to the most stunning results in almost any room in the house.