If you think that painting the interior of your home, whether you want to do one room or ten is just about choosing the right colours and slapping it on with a roller you obviously haven’t been in a paint store recently. Nowadays in addition to all those colour choices there are no an increasing number of different paint textures, and each one provides a very different look. Here is a little information bout some of the hottest texture paints out there right now:

Paint Textures: Pearl – Pearl finish paint provides you with a very elegant and expensive looking finish that – you guessed it – is designed to capture the lustre and shine of a petal. This is a great look for a feature wall in any room especially a larger one as it reflects light beautifully, even if you opt for a darker colour. For the best results you will need to apply an undercoat first and then when applying the pearl paint to the wall afterwards use a brush not a roller and apply the paint in long vertical strokes for a subtle shine.

Paint Textures: Colour Wash – This paint is designed to give your room the kind of slightly flat, slightly vintage look that you might find in a French country kitchen or on the exterior of a centuries old villa in the sun somewhere. Usually the colours are quite strong and for the best result paint the entire wall in one shot. You may need two coats but don’t go too heavy on the second pass or you will dull the colour and make it look lifeless, not elegant.

Paint Textures: Rough Plaster – A paint that you apply with a trowel? Yes. Basically rough plaster paint is a thinner form of coloured plaster that you can apply in a rough fashion to create a look that is rustic and certainly very unusual. This works very well in a country themed kitchen or in a bathroom that has a vintage or antique feel. It can also look stunning in a shabby chic bedroom as well.