What if we were to tell you that you can create your own great works of art to hang around your home for less than $5. Works of art that are fun, attractive and like nothing you can find in the shops? So long as you have the time (and when its cold out lets face it most of us do) and a little patience you really can. Here are just a few ideas:

Clip it Up – Rather than stick that lovely picture postcard your granny sent you from her hols up on the fridge you can use an elegant clipboard instead. All you need is a piece of MDF – square, rectangular, whatever takes your fancy – and an over-sized craft clip (they are sold at craft stores for less than a dollar)first, paint the MDF and the clip a nice solid colour (white works well but its really up to you) Once the paint is dry, you should then attach a picture hanger to the back of the your MDF and attach the clip to the front with a little wood glue. Now you can hang Granny’s postcard in style by just attaching it to the clip. When you get sick of it swap it out for a new image in a matter of seconds!

Modern Silhouettes – Ever fancied yourself as a bit of a Pop artist? It is actually very easy to unleash your inner Warhol using a can of spray paint, some white cardboard and various household objects you have lying around the house (clothespins, keys, screws, whatever takes your fancy)

To create your masterpiece lay your chosen object artfully on the white cardboard and then spray around it with the spray paint. Give the paint a few hours to dry properly and then remove your object. The result should be a very contemporary looking piece that you can then frame in an inexpensive frame, or even just slot into one of those mat boards they sell at the craft store and hang it anywhere in your home. Your friends will be impressed by your sudden display of artistic talent and wherever Mr Warhol is he would certainly approve of the ingenuity.

Ticket Art – You know those generic tickets they sell that you can use for a raffle at work or something of that nature? They come in big rolls and are sold at office supply stores? Those tickets can also be turned into simple but effective works of art.. All you will need is a frame, the roll of tickets,. Glue and a roll of decorative packing tape, which you can find at most craft stores.

Begin by using the cardboard that came with the frame as an actual base. Cover the cardboard with rows of your tickets and once you have worked out the placement glue them down. You can then use the decorative tape to add colour and interest or alternately you can dilute a little paint with water or paint thinner and brush light stripes of colour across selected tickets. When it is all dry put the frame back togther and the end result will be a great piece of art that will look good in any room.