For some homeowners however much they love their modern new house they can’t help being more than a little disappointed that in fact from the outside it looks very much like all of the houses in the street (and the next street over come to that matter) not bad, just rather bland. There are some inexpensive ways you can make your home stand out from the crowd though. Here are a few ideas:

Whimsical Outdoor Lighting – Outdoor spotlights are usually bright enough to get the job done (stopping you or your guests from falling and breaking your neck in the dark) but practical does not have to equal boring. Try adding outdoor lanterns with candle bulbs along a back yard walkway or adding outdoor grade fairy lights along the sides.

A Wow Em Entrance – Most new homes comes with a good serviceable front door. But the serviceable part is often the problem. While the door my be strong and sturdy and boast the right number of locks often they are also bland drab and boring. If your budget will not stretch to a more attractive replacement right now even the relatively easy task of painting the front door you have a better colour and then adding a few accent pieces either side of it – potted plants, flower boxes, even garden gnomes if you like that kind of thing – will almost instantly help your home get noticed by the neighbours and create a more welcoming entrance for your guests.

Dress Up the Deck – If your deck is less than visually interesting (ie plain) consider doing a little bit more to enliven it than just sticking a table and chair set back there. Colorful plants, a nicely painted trellis to serve as an outdoor wall, even an outdoor rug that will add comfort and aesthetic appeal are all inexpensive ways to create a deck that you will be proud to entertain on.