A lot of newer homes come with a master bathroom suite these days pretty much as a simple matter of course. This is not the case with many older homes. But just because you own a home that was built back in the years before a master bathroom suite became a must does not mean you cannot have one and still have to deal with traipsing down the hall to the bathroom every morning. No, having a master bathroom created for you will almost certainly not be the cheapest of home renovation projects you could choose to commission but it will in all likelihood be the one you will get the most satisfaction from.

Adding a master bathroom can be achieved in one of several different ways. In some homes a good tradesman can find a way to steal space from other rooms (an unused guest room perhaps) or even by knocking out a large closet. If that is not a possibility you are probably looking at the more expensive option of building a small extension out but the value having a master bathroom suite will add to your home may be worth the extra expense. Talk to a good local tradesman who specializes in bathroom renovation and they will be able to advise you about all your options.

What can you put into a master bathroom suite? What can’t you might be a better question as these days almost anything goes. Huge, deep Jacuzzi baths or big soaking tubs are a popular choice , as are “his and hers” style oversize walk in showers. Another popular trend that a lot of couples find that they do not know how they ever lived without once they have one is to have a separate, very private water closet created in a private nook of the master bathroom, hidden out of sight of the rest of the space.

Some people who have the space are taking their master bathrooms to even greater lengths and adding a separate “relaxation” area complete with a dressing room, comfy chairs and other luxuries.
You do not have to go that fancy though, as these luxuries are not cheap. But the difference having any kind of master bathroom suite will make is one you’ll notice from the very first day it is finished and ready for use.