A set place to study is something that every teenager should have, especially since that takes one of their excuses not to do so away! Traditionally parents have simply added a desk and a chair to their kids room but given that these days that room is likely to be filled with video game systems, a TV set, a a stereo and all kinds of other distractions that may not always be the best idea – or the most conducive to encouraging effective study habits. Here then are some ideas for creating a teen study that works and helps ensure they do too!

Teen Study Basics – Wherever you choose to locate your teen’s new study area a good desk and chair, together with good lighting, are the most important elements of the whole project and if you are going to cut corners somewhere to keep the budget down these are not the areas to do that in. The most important thing about a desk and chair is that it is comfortable and preferably ergonomically designed. That means taking your kid out shopping with you, as what works for you might not work for them. It also needs to fit the space you have to work with, so taking a tape measure along (together with some accurate measurements) is a must too. There should be enough space on the desk for the obligatory computer as well as room to write, have books open and actually move and the chair should be placed so there is plenty of ‘wiggle room”.

Creating a Teen Study Space – If the only room you have to create a teen study space is in their room adding some kind of divider to separate it from the rest of the delightful distractions in the room is the best idea. A simple folding screen can be all that it takes but if you want something more permanent without ruining the look of the space you could also consider adding a half wall. A half wall is not that hard to build if you are quite handy but even if you are not a good tradesman can get the job done for you in a day or so. Adding a half wall will also increase the storage space your teen has so it will actually do double duty.

Lighting is the other very important element that needs to be right in a teen study space. A single overhead fixture might work for the room in general but you will also need to add good task lighting so your kid can see what they are doing without developing a case of eye strain. A desk or floor lamp is a must and the bulb should be bright without being blinding.

Other Places to Add a Teen Study – Lofts, basements, even the space under the stairs may all be possible locations for a good teen study area if you want to keep bedroom and study separate, or if the child’s bedroom is a little too small to comfortably accommodate a good desk and chair. Adding a loft or basement teen study does not have to involve a complete renovation and a tradesman who is experienced in such projects can probably come up with inexpensive solutions that will help you create the space you are looking for without breaking the bank.