Often if you have a larger kitchen making it look good and function well is a challenge but not too much so, especially if you have the help of a good kitchen remodeling tradesman. However, if you have less space to work with things can get a little trickier. Because of the limited space and a fear of making that space look cluttered, many people shy away from creating anything other than a very basic (and therefore rather boring) look in their smaller kitchen. Here though are some small design tweaks that add big style:

Open Shelving: Consider replacing some of your kitchen cupboards with roomy shelves instead. Doing so opens the space up drawing the eye upward and giving your kitchen an illusion of greater height. Installing a few shelves will also let you showcase that wonderful dinner service that was your Granny’s that has been gathering dust at the back of a cupboard for years.

Off with the Doors: If you do not want to get into the potentially messy business of actually removing your kitchen cupboards removing just the doors instead can be as effective to visually open up your small kitchen. Paint the inside of the cupboards with a colour that compliments the colour scheme in the rest of room and the result should be a pulled together look that help your small kitchen function better as well (no more rummaging in cupboards to find what you were looking for.)

Double Duty Workspace: Kitchen islands are very popular these days and can certainly provide useful extra workspace, something that most small kitchens really need. But instead of actually adding an island why not buy a great (but durable) kitchen table instead. It will give you the extra prep room when you need it buy can then be quickly covered with a table cloth and used for casual family dining. A wooden butcher clock type table works well in these situations because th3ey look great but are still up to the challenge of leading the dual life you want them to.