Small rooms can be a challenge to decorate in general but small living rooms may be the hardest to pull off. Any small space can actually be made larger – visually at least. With a few tricks to fool the eye a cramped room can at least look a little more spacious even if the actual square footage has not changed at all. Here are a few of the best tricks you can utilize to grow your living room space without knocking any walls down.

Buy Smaller Furniture – Sounds silly on the face of it but it really does work. Not that we mean you should replace your sofa with a kids version but that you scale things down in general. Do you really need a huge sofa? Probably not a smaller shorter version will usually work just as well. And remove all the clutter, the stuff you don’t use that you have just been too lazy to move. It it isn’t used, banish it to the basement. Nothing makes a small room look even smaller than clutter.

Clean Off the Walls – A small room that simply features too many pieces of art or too many framed photos can feel cluttered and overdone. But, it may not even be about actual artwork but the frame it is in that is causing the problem. Unless the piece’s value is dependent on a heavy frame try re-framing with a lighter version and for photos using mat board instead of a frame at all.

Lighten Things Up – Large living rooms can stand bold colored walls but they rarely ever work in a smaller space beyond a single accent wall in some situations. Lighten up your walls by sticking to light neutrals. It does not have to be boring you can always use great small accent pieces like vases, cushions and art to add a sense of colorful style.

Make use of Double Duty Furniture – Footstools can be found that include roomy storage compartments and there are side tables and even sofas that can offer the same. If its a piece of furniture that looks good but can do double duty like this is certainly worth considering.