This is the first in a series of posts discussing just how to create a healthier home for everyone who lives in it – or comes to visit.

Creating Healthy Bedrooms

– How often do you get up in the morning with a stuffy nose, or find yourself sneezing for no particular reason? The culprit could be dust mites as these microscopic creatures love nothing better than a nice warm bed. To minimize the problem you should wash everyone’s bedclothes at least once a week and if you have younger kids freeze their non washable stuffed toys for an hour or so occasionally to get rid of any dustmites that might be lurking there.

If you are shopping for new bedding you might want to consider purchasing bamboo sheets (yes you really can make anything out of bamboo!) Bamboo is naturally resistant to both bugs and germs and those properties still exist when the grass is woven into cloth. They also wick away moisture very well, 3 or 4 times better than cotton does, so they are very cool for summer sleeping.

You should also consider taking laundry baskets out of bedrooms unless they have lids as they can make brilliant playgrounds for all kinds of germs. Keep wardrobes and closets as tidy as possible too, not only to help keep dustmites at bay but to help make everyone’s mornings easier as well. And if you have pets in home banning them from the bedroom might seem a bit cruel but the lack of dander on your bed will help you sleep a lot better!

If you have carpeted bedrooms vacuuming is very important of course. If possible choose a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA filter and strong suction so that dirt and dust that you pick up with it will not be thrown right back into the room.

VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that are given off by both paint,various flooring types and some furniture (MDF is a big culprit) can be a problem anywhere in the home but especially in the bedroom. VOCs can cause all kinds of nasty diseases over time but the most noticeable short term effect of breathing them in are headaches so VOCs in the bedroom are a real pain (pardon the pun) If you intend to repaint a bedroom look for low VOC paints and consider opting for real wooden furniture finished with a low VOC varnish.