The way in which you have your tradesman lay your new ceramic tile flooring (or for the brave do – it – yourself) can really completely change the finished look and effect every bit as much as the colour or patterning of the ceramic tiles themselves.

Most homeowners immediately opt for the most common flooring tile layout – simply the standard 4-1/4 inch square ceramic tiles laid out in a simple grid. There are however a great many other tiling layouts you should give some consideration to that really will add a lot extra interest to aesthetics of the whole room – not just to the look of the tiles themselves. Here are just a few ideas:

The Diamond – Most people have their square floor tiles laid with the grout lines running horizontally and vertically. Instead ask your tradesman to have the grout lines run at a 45 degree angle instead. It is a very small tweak but visually it makes a big difference.

Random – This ceramic tile layout does take quite a bit of rather careful planning but the end product can be absolutely stunning and definitely rather unique . The basic idea is to select a tile style (or styles ) that comes in several different sizes and then lay them altogether like a big jigsaw puzzle. Tricky and time consuming but amazing to look at!

Herringbone – To create a herringbone effect with your new floor tiles you will need buy rectangular tiles and have them installed so that they are laid out in a horizontal zig-zag pattern with each tile being laid at a right angle to the previous one. This is a great look in a room that has a great deal of floorspace to cover – a big kitchen for instance.

Pinwheel – If you will be tiling a smaller space you can consider using the pinwheel to add a little extra flooring drama. The idea is to surround a basic square tile with four complementary rectangular tiles, with each over lapping the end of the other. The pattern is repeated across the whole floor for best effect.

These are just a few simple suggestions. The basic fact is that ceramic floor tile is so very versatile and adaptable that you or your tradesman can actually use it to create almost any floor tile pattern you can dream up.