The third in a series of posts about how we can all make a few easy changes to our homes and our habits to make them a healthier place to hang out.

Creating a Healthier Bathroom – Bathrooms are, as you might expect, quite the germ magnets. There is plenty you can do to make them safer, healthier and more pleasant though.

The biggest key to a healthy bathroom is adequate ventilation. Most people think of bathroom ventilation in terms of odor control, which is of course quite important, but it is about a lot more than that.

Without adequate bathroom ventilation all the moisture in the room has very few places to go and mold, mildew and an “all over” damp can quickly become a real problem. If you are currently relying on opening a window after a shower to air the place out its time to call a tradesman to have a proper ventilation system installed.

A good tradesman will be able to advise you about just what kind of system will be right for your home. The traditional exhaust fan in the ceiling is slowly being replaced in many homes with a  ducted systems that removes all the moisture form the air and sends it outside through a roof canal or wall vent as they are far more efficient and will not send moisture into your roof in the way that an exhaust fan will, potentially doing permanent damage to the timbers.

Another way to keep the air quality in your bathroom good even when your fan is not running is by adding a pot plant or two into your décor scheme. According to no less than the US space agency NASA the best air cleaning plants are snake plants, rubber plants and English ivy.

Your bathroom accessories may be causing problems as well. Shower curtains tend to develop mold you do not always see over time so should be washed on a regular basis or periodically replaced if you prefer the PVC kind. You should also regularly wash or replace bathroom rugs and all the towels the family uses as well.