One of the biggest decisions that has to be made when planning a kitchen renovation on a larger scale is what material you are going to choose for your new benchtops. Natural stone is a very popular choice right now but when natural stone benchtops are mentioned many people immediately think about granite or quartz.

There is however another choice that is perhaps even better looking than granite and has actually been used in kitchens all over the world for thousands of years – marble. Here are five great reasons you should consider marble as your new benchtop material:

Beauty that is Timeless – The Ancient Romans, who were probably some of the most talented and innovative architects and designers who ever lived, used a great deal of natural stone in everything they constructed. However they considered marble to be in a special class of its own and reserved it for use only in the finest work they created because it was so elegant and beautiful. And it is that kind of sense of splendour that marble benchtops can add to your kitchen.

Colour Variations – Marble naturally comes in far more colour variations than the traditional white. There are literally dozens of shades to choose from, everything form a deep dark black to a delicately veined pink. Any homeowner can find a shade that fits in with the rest of their décor plans.

Durability – How do we know what a good job the Ancient Romans did with marble? Because a lot of it is still around. Therefore whether or not it is tough enough to stand up to daily kitchen activities is a bit of a moot point.

Versatility – Marble isn’t just for benchtops in the modern home. Marble accents on floors and walls are stunning as well. And as much as it was a décor choice of the ancients it is versatile enough that it will work well in even the most modern and high tech of kitchens.

Value – No, marble is far from the cheapest choice when it comes to new benchtops. But it is a one time investment, they will look good and perform well forever. And should you ever come to sell your home as most real estate agents can tell you they very fact that they exist at all can both justify a higher asking price and help get the property sold faster!