No doubt you have seen great pictures in those glossy home magazines that highlight just what spectacular effects you can get if you ditch the regular paint roller when painting – or repainting – a room in favor of a specialist painting technique. You may have even though for a few minutes about just how well such a paint job would work in your living room/bedroom/kitchen/any room in the house but then dispelled the notion because something that looks that good has to be too complicated for an amateur right?

No so. While some specialist painting techniques are a little tricky there are plenty that are not, and rag rolling is one of the easiest and most effective. Here’s a step by step guide to adding an aesthetically pleasing rag rolled effect to your next paint job:

What You Will Need

Base Paint in the Colour of Your Choice
Paint or a Universal Colourant to Tint Glaze
Cotton T Shirts Cut into Long Rags
Painter’s Tape
Rubber Gloves
Bucket or Paint Tray

How to Rag Roll:

Begin by applying a coat (or two depending on the paint you have chosen) to the wall in the usual manner – either with a paint brush or a paint roller. When dry use your painter’s tape to cover areas you may not want rag rolled as well the adjoining walls as the glaze you will be using does tend to accumulate in corners.

Next pour your glaze into your bucket or paint tray. If you want to add a colourant do it now and make sure it is well mixed. Next, with your gloves on (this does get a bit messy) soak one of your T-shirt rags in the mixture and then roll it up so it resembles a length of rope.

Now all you have to is begin rolling your rag on the wall in random directions (often the more random the better the finished look) When the marks become faint return you rag to the glaze to load it up again. Be careful not to over saturate though as doing so causes the rag to slip and overly smear the glaze.

Rag rolling an entire wall (or an entire room) is a time consuming process and because the effect is deliberately designed to be a random one there is no harm in roping in everyone in house to help, it could in fact be a lot of fun to turn the whole thing into a family project and you will all get the satisfaction of a job well done!