A swimming pool is a great addition to any back garden. It can provide you with the exercise you have been meaning to start doing for years, add an extra element of fun to your warm weather social gatherings and just generally make your whole home feel more functional and fun (not to mention increase its value)

But a back garden swimming pool can do something else as well. Properly landscaped it can change what was once well, a boring back garden, into a relaxing oasis.

Landscape a pool? Not the first thing you might think of perhaps but a bit of a must really. Without putting more than a little thought and effort into the environment around your pool all it really is is a big hole in the ground with water in it!

The options open to a homeowner when it comes to pool landscaping are almost endless and really limited only by their imagination and their budget. Here are just a few ideas to provide you with a little inspiration:

Go Bushland: Even if your home is located slap bang in the middle of a big city you can bring a little bush to your back garden with some thought and planning. Instead of ceramic tile to surround your pool opt for natural stone pavers and add some great native Australian plants and trees. And instead of a set of plastic sun loungers why not opt instead for seating in a more natural wood?

Create a Tropical Vibe – Lush palm trees, tall grasses, a Bali style changing hut – all elements that you could add around your pool to give it a tropical look and feel.

Resort Style – Every great resort swimming pool has plenty of simple by stylish furniture around it and in most cases a bar. An outdoor bar is easier to build than you might imagine and as long as you don’t mind your house becoming the neighbourhood’s favorite hang out it can provide you with years of entertainment and fun.

Another element you will want to consider whatever theme you choose for your pool landscaping is lighting. Pool lighting can add a huge sense of drama and aesthetic appeal whether it consists of dramatic spotlights or subtle tiki torches. You also need to keep safety in mind as well. The best course of action to ensure you get everything right? Enlist the aid of a great landscaper who will be able to help you bring all of your pool landscaping ideas to life, however big or small they may be.