In a world where natural resources are dwindling fast – even something as basic as water – the more homeowners can do their part to help save those resources the better off we all are. And if you can save some money in the process that has to be a win win situation. This is the first in an occasional series of posts about simple ways that you can go green at home and save a few dollars as well.

Let it Rain, Your Bank Account will Love It

Homeowners all over the world are beginning to warm up to the idea of saving water by using rainfall collection to decrease their dependence on a traditional water system. Few people live in a place rainy enough to depend entirely on rainwater to meet their water needs but every little helps – financially and environmentally.

There are ways to install systems that cleanse rainwater and allow it to be used for drinking and bathing. It might surprise you to learn that over in the States, former President George W. Bush supplies his whole Crawford, Texas ranch using a combination of rainwater and greywater, recycled and filtered water that has already been used once.

But those are rather complicated systems that most people do not want to spend money on right away. However, a very simple rainwater collection system can give you the water you need to water the garden, wash your car, clean the house in general. If you stop to think about it you use hundreds if not thousands of gallons of water doing that stuff every year.

Harvesting rainwater in this way is a lot easier than you might imagine. Most of the people who do so really only use simple pipes, or downspouts, that are connected to the gutters all around their home to collect rainwater. When the heavens open and the rain comes down as the rain runs down the roof and into the gutters it is the diverted through a pipe system into a waiting barrel, or barrels.

When rain runs down the roof and into the gutters, it is diverted through the pipes and down into waiting barrels. Its really that simple and with the help of a good tradesman its something that can be up and running in a day.