A great many people like to keep an aquarium somewhere in their home. However common or exotic fish may be they are colorful and fascinating , even relaxing to watch. And as pets fish do not need to be walked or groomed and they will certainly never chew up your favorite pair of slippers or claw holes in your curtains, so for some people they are the ideal non human creatures to share their homes with.

If you have an aquarium, or have been thinking about getting one for a while have you ever thought that you could actually make that aquarium a part of your actual home decor scheme?

Wall mounted aquariums, or even those that are built into the wall have been used commercially by hotels, restaurants and offices for years. Now however their popularity in the average home is growing as well.

Homeowners can opt for aquariums that attach to a wall in much the same way as a big screen TV would or they can choose to hire a tradesman to create an alcove in an existing wall that can accommodate an aquarium. Aesthetically that can be a wonderful choice as it allows people in tow different rooms observe the activities in the tank. You can even find furniture that incorporates an aquarium into its construction! Check out our amazing picture gallery below for some inspiration!