Maybe this is the scenario in your kitchen as it is a situation repeated in homes across the country (and even the world) Your kitchen cupboards look rough, really rough. They are scratched, even maybe a bit dented and they are a color that really went out of style 10 years ago. Or they are just dull and really rather boring. And yet they are, apart from their shabby appearance really good, serviceable cupboards and the idea of having them replaced – or even just refaced – simply does not fit in with your budget right now.

If those cupboards are made from wood or MDF though there is another far more cost effective, and often very effective in general, solution to your dilemma – cabinet repainting. It is a DIY job that can transform you kitchen in as little as an afternoon and at a fraction of the cost of replacing or even refacing your kitchen cabinets.

Colour and Design Choice – The Hardest Part

Probably the hardest part about kitchen cabinet repainting is deciding upon a colour scheme. This is actually one area where you have the chance to be as creative, or as conservative, as you want to be. Some people play it safe and stick to repainting their cabinets a single colour while others try stenciling or other decorative paint techniques.

Choosing the right paint is important as well. You need a paint that is durable as well as fairly easy to work with. Ask at the store before you buy for a recommendation or two.

Getting Ready for a Kitchen Transformation

If your kitchen cabinets are currently varnished, or if there are a number of bumps and dents for you to deal with then you may want to sand your cabinet doors down before you paint as that will not only remove potentially problematic and hard to cover varnishes but give you a nice, smooth and clean canvas to work with as well. And if you do not opt to sand the surfaces down they should at least be very throughly cleaned before you begin painting. Avoid ammonia based cleaners though as the residue they leave can discolour paints when they are applied.

Another way you can make a significant difference to the way your kitchen cabinets look is to replace the hardware, the knobs and pulls. For the very best results though do not do that until your brand new paintwork is dry!