There are a steadily increasing number of people are finding that there are indeed more than a few a advantages to escaping the rat race and working out of their home instead. One of the biggest is away from a boring and stifling corporate office environment and being given the opportunity to create a home office that is all your own. The very best home offices are as functional as they are attractive though. Here are just a few tips for creating a great home office.

You Need Your Own Space

The hardest thing about working from home can be all the other distractions that are probably going on all the time around you. Therefore ensuring that your home office occupies a separate space that you can call your own. A basement or loft conversion can be a great solution but not everyone has that space available to them (or the budget for the renovations)

There are several ways that you can create a separate home office space without actually using up a whole room though. One great location is the space under the stairs. If this is available to you then it may take just a few shelves and a bit of new wiring to create a home office space that works. Even a large cupboard can be converted for use as a home office with a little imagination and the help of a good tradesman.

You Have to be Comfortable

There is just one thing you do need to replicate from your old corporate office into your new home office and that is a ergonomically designed, comfortable desk and chair.

The great majority of the people who work from home tend to work rather long hours (at least in the start) so the fact is that ensuring your comfort is a must for not only your overall but your sanity too. Even if you cut corners on some aspects of the décor and set up of your new home office you should invest in a good desk and chair. And buy it in person rather than online so that you can give it a good “test” before you buy.

You Need to Make Your Home Office Yours

No longer do you have a boss who tells you what you can and cannot have in your office and no longer are you limited to grey, boring décor that tends to sap your spirits a bit every time you see it. Paint your office a nice calming color (blue is great at imparting both a sense of calm and promoting concentration) and choose desk accessories that suit your personal style. Chances are that now you work from home you will be spending a lot of time in your new home office space so the nicer it looks the easier it will be for you to spend that time there without hating every minute.

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