Overall home décor is of course very much all about personal preferences. What you love and think looks great may look awful in someone else’s eyes. Having said though there are some principles when it comes to home décor that tend to be fairly standard. To begin with lets start with some rather basic dos and don’ts that you should be aware of before you begin any project:

DON’T drive yourself nuts trying to achieve complete perfection – a home to be meant to be lived not used as a showroom space so yes, the odd bit of kids’ artwork on the fridge or candid family photographs can find their place in even the most stylized of spaces , otherwise however attractive or expensively furnished they are the space will end up feeling lifeless and without any personality.

DO keep the mantra less is more in mind. For example, a nice pair of matching table lamps is can be very effective both in terms of look and function, a mish mosh of mismatched candles, not so much. The same holds true for furniture. Even if you have a huge space to furnish – an open plan living room maybe – you do need to resist the temptation to keep adding pieces of furniture and tons of décor elements just because you want to “fill it up”.

DO look for furniture that boasts quality construction. You may eventually get tired of the look of the fabric on that beautifully shaped sofa but that can be fairly easily changed with a slipcover. The value of furniture that is structurally very sound can be even higher than its original price tag

DON’T follow every trend that you come across in glossy home décor magazines. There are indeed some home décor styles that are considerd classics but just as many others are definitely going to date very quickly. Just ask anybody based their home décor around all those avocado greens and browns that were “hip” in the Seventies. Instead of slavishly following current trends to decorate and furnish your home, do so in the way that appeals to your tastes only. That way even if it is not all that “trendy” it will still be just perfect for you, the person who has to live with it!

DO think about function as well as aesthetics – When you are trying to decide what materials and styles to use in your home décor its crucial you think about day to day function as well as visual appeal.

For example, a marble tiled bathroom floor might look amazing but have you thought about just how cold it is going to be stepping out of the shower? Or how badly damaged that great looking hardwood floor would be if your pets have an accident on it, where as if you had chosen carpeting you could have solved the problem with a sponge? Taking such things into consideration can save you a lot of heartache (and extra expense) down the line.

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