Not everyone always has the time – or the available cash – to undertake a number of huge remodeling or home improvement projects at the same time. But you do not need to let that stop you improving the overall look and function of your home a little bit at a time. Here are some great projects that you – with or without the help of a good tradesman depending on your DIY skills – can complete in a weekend.

Update all Your Cupboards’ Hardware – Sick of the way your kitchen and or bathroom cupboards look these days? They may not need to be replaced (an expensive business) to make them more attractive. Often the simple act of replacing generic, factory issue cupboard hardware with something more stylish can give your cupboards a whole new look in the space of just a few hours.

Replace a Sink – A boring bathroom can be completely transformed just by the act of swapping out the sink. Don’t forget to consider function as well as form though and silly as it may sound act out your morning routine before you buy a new sink, even if the blokes in the shop think you are a bit weird. And if you are unsure of your own plumbing skills call in an expert to help with that part.

Replace an Interior Door – We go through them all the time but interior doors are one of the most overlooked features in most homes. Replacing a plain one (or several of them) for something a bit fancier and more eye-catching is easy to do, relatively inexpensive and will have a bigger impact on the look of your home in general than you might imagine.

Paint – or Paper – a Room a Weekend – It sounds so simple but there are very few homeowners who have no seen the huge impact a fresh coat of paint or a nice bit of new wallpaper can have on a room. You can totally transform almost any room in this way and still have plenty of time left over to relax on a Sunday afternoon before you have to head back to work.