Changing the way your home looks, jazzing it up, bringing it up to date and adding a little style does not always have to cost a lot of money or take a long time. Sometimes you’ll find that you have everything you need on hand already, no need to buy anything new. Here are just a few ideas for working with what you have that you can probably execute in a day or less, how speedy is that?

The Power of Paint – Most of us have one or two pieces of wooden furniture around that although their “bare bones” are still in good shape they are beginning to look a little dated and worse for wear. Before you retire them though consider overhauling them instead. You’ll be very surprised by just what you can achieve with a can of glossy paint and maybe some new drawer knobs or handles if appropriate!

Repurpose Old Furniture – Re-purposing older furniture can be a great way to inject a shot of great new style into your home as well. For example an unused drawer from an old chest of drawers can be given new life a funky but functional storage shelf. All you need to do is add a great backing (wallpaper works well) to the drawer bottom and nail a length of plywood inside to make a shelf. If you want to use it as a bathroom cabinet you can even add two screw hooks to the bottom and thread a doweling rod through them to create a towel rack!

Easy Artwork – Cool artwork does not have to cost an arm and a leg. For instance, a set of simple round table mats can be turned into photo frames simple by affixing the shot to the centre of them. And if you still have any old records lying around they can be turned into rather stunning wall art as well, both the actual vinyl discs themselves and the sleeves that they came in.

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