Most of us like a nice soak in the bath, at least once in a while. Showers are great when you are runhing to get off to work but baths are still much nicer if you have the time. The idea of turning your own bathroom into a spa of sorts is one that has been gaining in popularity over the last few years. Now though a new generation of bathtubs and bath accessories is making it easier and more affordable to bring the spa into your home. Here are a few of our favorites:

LED Colour Therapy Baths:
Chromatherapy uses different coloured lights to evoke a certain mood. The concept has now been extended into the bathtub though. A series of waterproof LED lights changes colours whenever you choose, with each hue meaning something different (not to mention that the lights look very pretty too)

White – Evokes a sense of peace and calm
Blue – To calm and de-stress
Orange – Soothes physical pains like sore muscles
Red – Stimulates the mind and body and energizes
Purple – Reduces anxiety
Green – Relaxes and soothes

Aromatherapy Baths
– If flashing lights are a bit much for you there is another option – the aromatherapy bath. This bathing system operates with a small pump, which moves air through a receptacle that the user fills with water and a few drops of their favorite essential oil. When they then activate it via the electronic control, the dispenser diffuses in the air the aroma of the oil.

Heat Therapy
– Anyone who has experienced back pain knows that sometimes just the right amount of heat can provide some welcome – if temporary relief. The idea of the heated bath backrest is nothing new but now rather than having to fiddle about with wires and accessories you can purchase bathtubs with the heating ‘pad” built right into them making them safer and more flexible than a “normal bath” with a separate backrest

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