Not everyone is blessed with a “green thumb.” Some of us in fact are the kind of people who can kill a pot plant just by looking at it. That does not have to mean however that if you don’t have the spare cash to employ a full time gardener that you have to be stuck with a plain, boring back (or front) garden. Here are just a few landscaping ideas that call for absolutely no gardening experience at all but can still help you create a stunning landscape with relative ease.

A Water Feature
– A water feature can beautify even the smallest of gardens and since they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes can be by far one of the more affordable ways to liven up your outdoor space. In addition to looking pretty themselves a water feature of any size will usually attract the birds to your garden – adding even more beauty and interest without you having to lift a finger.

Permeable Paving
– Grass can be a real pain in the you know what. It can be difficult to say the least to maintain (or even attain) that lush golf course green and the mowing and watering is time consuming to say the least. For those with a garden with large expanses of grass reclaiming some of that space and then turning it into a paved patio area can be a great alternative.

There are great alternatives to traditional hardscape patio materials that you might want to consider though. Permeable paving materials like gravel or mulch, even recycled glass beads make great choices as well.

An Outdoor Kitchen
– Instead of just dragging the barbeque in and out all year why not consider creating your very own outdoor kitchen? Although you can get very fancy it is also perfectly possible to create one on a budget as well. A wood or gas burning fire pit can cook food every bit as well as an expensive outdoor stove and it will add extra visual appeal as well. An outdoor bench top area is not expensive and add a new outdoor dining set and some inexpensive cutlery and you can have your very own outdoor restaurant!

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