Decorative paper is for more than just wrapping gifts. Even if you have never really thought of yourself as a crafty person (as in someone who likes crafts, not someone of dodgy character 🙂 ) take a look at a few of these ideas for using decorative paper (and just plain old paper) to create some great – and rather unusual – home decor pieces.

Liven Up a Boring Lamp
– Is there a lamp in your home that provides great light and is just the right size but is rather boring to look at? Before you trade it in for a new model have a look at this simple paper idea. By adding paper roses to the bottom of the shade the lamp gets a whole new look (and a whole new lease on life)

The roses may look intricate but they are actually very easy to make. All you need to do is take a piece of drawing weight paper in a colour that complements your lamp and draw a circular swirl on it in pencil. Now cut it out carefully so that you are left with a paper coil. Starting at the end of the coil roll the paper up tightly. Finally release the coil slightly and add a dab of glue to the end to keep the flower shape. You can then affix your roses onto your lamp in any pattern you choose!

Your Own Computer Masterpieces – Need a little more art in your life? Then you need look no further than your home PC after a quick trip

to your local craft store. Have a favorite phrase, song lyric or quote? Using a program as simple as Microsoft Office you can play around with colours, fonts and background to create some wonderful looking works of art. Once you are done print your handiwork out, and mount it to a piece of decorative paper that can then be slotted into an inexpensive photo frame. Rinse and repeat and you can create artwork for every room in your home that is unique to you and cheap!

Another idea along the same lines is to create a collage of images that are meaningful to you. Most of us made collages when we were kids so you know the drill!

Paper Curtains
– This may not be the best idea for homes with kids and pets but as an accent to liven up a boring apartment at very little cost these paper curtains are really quite special. To create these curtains squares of varying weight of paper were carefully cut out ( a die curt punch is much easier than scissors) and then sewn together into a long hanging strip and then each was attached to a simple curtain ring.

The great thing about this idea is that once you have your curtain rod and curtain rings in place you can “replace” your curtains as often as you like, whenever the fancy takes you (or you stumble on a really great patterned paper)

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