Usually homeowners pay most attention, and spend the most money on living room, bathroom and kitchen remodels. The guest room on the other hand is often the single most neglected living space in the house. If your guest quarters are less than welcoming here are a few tips to help you make it a little nicer for your overnight guests to spend time in your home:

Check the Walls and the Floor

When you open the door to your guest bedroom how do the walls and the floor look at first glance? Is the paint peeling or do you have wallpaper that was fashionable back in 1970s but looks awful now? Painting your guest room is probably the easiest, and most affordable remodeling project you can implement in the space and yet doing so can instantly (well in a day or so) transform the look and feel of the room.

Neutral colours are best for guest room as chances are you will have guests of different ages and different tastes staying in there over the course of the year. White is a little stark and uninviting though, consider go for a muted shade of beige instead.

Turning your attention to the floor if the carpet has seen better days but is still serviceable a good professional carpet cleaning might all you need to brighten up so give that a try before you go out and buy new. Rooms with hardwood floors are nice but if they are in your guest room consider adding a rug, just for an extra touch of welcoming warmth.

Begin to Coordinate a Color Scheme

After you have decided on the colours you are going to use as the central theme for the walls and the floor and the required work has been done it is time to oordinate comforters, sheets, window treatment, throw pillows, and maybe even a chair to match, or at least compliment it. A unified color scheme simply looks more elegant and pulled together, something your guests will appreciate.

Beef Up the Guest Room Storage Space

making your guests live out of their suitcase because you have not provided them with any real storage space is simply bad host etiquette. Don’t store your own clothes in the room, leave your guests with a clear wardrobe (with plenty of hangers) and chest of drawers to put their clothes in. Placing a few nice fluffy towels in the room is a nice touch too, it will help your guest feel more at home if they do not have to chase you down just to get what they need for a shower.

How’s the Bathroom Access?

For a lot of people sharing a family bathroom is one of the things about being an overnight guest that they dislike the most. That is why if there is not one already adding at least a half bathroom is a nice touch and worth the investment if you entertain a lot.

Great Finishing Touches to Complete Your Guest Room

Sometimes the devil is in the details and they can make all the difference in the world. Any of the following will be very much appreciated by all

your guests: a working alarm clock, a small TV, a nice comfy chair to sit in and these days Internet access. If you have wifi in your home but you password protect it for security’s sake give your guest the password when they arrive as these days for most people the idea of even a day without Internet access is one that is hard to deal with!

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