Do you have the carpets in your home cleaned regularly? And by regularly we mean at least once a year not every third Christmas when the in laws are coming for Christmas. if you answered no then you are far from alone. The fact is most homeowners tend to vacuum and spot clean if someone has a spill accident but that is about it!

There are some very good reasons why you should have a pro come in and clean your carpets though. Here are just a few of them:

Keeping up Appearances – Vacuuming may look as though it is whisking all the dirt away but that is very rarely the case. Every time you vacuum at least a little dirt is left behind and without that regular deep cleaning it can work its way into the carpet fibers themselves, eventually making it almost impossible to remove.

Reap the Health Benefits – The average carpet is sort of like a giant vacuum itself. It traps all kinds of things- bacteria, allergens, dust and pollen. But like say, a furnace filter it becomes overfilled at times. A good deep carpet cleaning will “empty it out” again and make the air in your home safer and nicer for you and your family to breathe.

Get More Wear Out of Your Carpet – Even if you do clean them regularly the average modern carpet has a functional life of about 15 years at most. if you do not make a habit of having it cleaned though traffic lanes, stubborn stains and just general grime could cut that lifespan in half.

There are those of course who would save yourself some money and rent a carpet shampooer instead of paying for a professional carpet cleaning. The only problem with that is that the machines that are available to the public are nothing on the ones that the pros use – both in terms of power and performance.

All too often homeowners damage their carpets cleaning them by themselves as the machine they use does not have sufficient suction and they leave their carpets damp for days opening the door to mould and mildew, not a pleasant prospect at all.

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