For most people their home is their single biggest financial asset. It’s also their pride and joy and a place they spend an awful lot of their time so buying the right home in the first place is a decision that understandably takes an awful lot of thought.

Some people spend months driving around and around, traipsing through house after house trying to find just what they are looking for and simply can’t. They can find homes that are close – but in order for them to be just right this would need to be changed, that would need to be upgraded….and it’s at this point that many prospective homeowners start wondering about just how hard – and how expensive – it would be to build their own home from scratch instead.

The big attraction of doing just that is that you can – within the confines of your budget and what is actually physically possible – get a home that is exactly what you wanted, that suits your needs and tastes and no one elses. It can also be cheaper in the long run as well, as long as you go about the project in the right way.

Building Your Own Home – Not for the Faint Hearted

When we say building your own home we do not necessarily mean of course that you will be doing it all yourself – that would be out of the realms of possibility for most people. Obviously ,most people are going to need a few tradesmen in to do most of the technical work!

Want to see what homes people build themselves actually look like? Then check out our latest board on Pinterest, we found lots of great ones!

If you expect building your own home will be easy or without hassles that is unlikely to be the case. However if you are willing to educate yourself about the process before you begin, perhaps by taking an owner builder course (which you can even do online) and committing to the time and effort it will take to assemble the right tools and the right team it can be a truly rewarding and ultimately very successful experience.

Building Your Own Home – How Custom is Custom?

As you’ll learn if you do decide to explore the idea of building versus buying you have options. Many of the more confident new builders looking for a home that gives them more for their money choose a kit home as they can do much of the work themselves if they are at all handy. Kit homes come in a number of different sizes and have very affordable base pricing. On the downside the opportunities for total customization are limited when compared to those you would have if you hire an architect to create a unique set of blueprints for you. In the end which option you choose will probably come down to budget but as a general idea if you are thinking about buying a new home the self build option is probably not one you should overlook!

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